This website exists as a way for me to share my passion for what, I consider to be, cool cars and fun hobbies. I wish to thank my loving wife for putting up with me as I spend my spare time modifying, cleaning and detailing our cars, sim racing online and surfing the worldwide web.

My goal is to share my love of cars with the world. Hopefully, this site will inform and entertain. As of right now I have pages for our past and present vehicles. Plans are to add a page for the family as time allows. This site will be continually under construction (just like the roads in Kansas City) so check back often.

A Little About Myself...

My name is Jeff and I would like to welcome you to my little piece of the web. I really enjoy nothing more than spending an afternoon with toothpick and toothbrush in hand, cleaning our cars to the nth degree! You might say I'm obsessive/compulsive when it comes to the cleaniness of our vehicles. Thus, the domain name....detaildude!

I started detailing my car in high school and it developed into a genuine passion. I really do spend hours cleaning, polishing, and maintaining our rides. I have actually become adept enough to do some "professional" detailing on the side...though it is mostly friends and family. My love of cars led me to getting involved with a local Pontiac car club. I have made some lifelong friends thru this hobby, traveled around the states for car shows and even managed to win a couple of awards along the way. My interest has always been in late model vehicles but I truly enjoy seeing someone else's hard work, no matter the brand or year of vehicle they have!

I also enjoy basketball, golf, and my latest hobby, online sim racing. I hooked up with a friend thru the local car club who introduced me to online racing...what a blast! We run NASCAR Racing 2003 from his server. We set up our season schedules, run the tracks the big boys run, develop templates and paint our own cars. I have never driven a race car but, if it is anything like the game, then it must be cool!

When I'm not busy with cars I'm spending time with my wife and our kitties. Our family enjoys diddling around the house, watching movies, and eating...we love to eat!!!

Hmm, well that's about it. Now that you are thinking to yourself...'too much information'...I'll extend a thank you for taking the time to read thru this. I hope you will check out the rest of my site, I hope you enjoy your visit, and thanx for stopping by......peace!